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Appeals court rules woman cannot post about ex-husband and kids on Facebook

The website reports that an unnamed New Jersey woman’s court order banning her from posting about her family on Facebook or blogging will stand. The women, listed only as H.L.M., had appealed to an appeals court that the ban violated her First Amendment liberties.

An Appeals court upheld a ruling that an unnamed NJ woman cannot post about her ex-husband or children on Facebook.
Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

The woman is on probation for trying to take her children into Canada after her ex-husband gained custody of their children. As part of her probation, the judge restricted her from posting about her children or ex-husband on Facebook. The Appeals court said the decision didn’t restrict her from writing about anything other than family. The decision was made to protect her children, whom she tried to abduct three years ago.

As part of a plea deal, kidnapping charges were dropped if she agreed to a psychiatric evaluation and attended therapy. An evaluation revealed the woman is bipolar. A state attorney asked for a court order banning her from posting online about her ex-husband and children. A judge agreed. She was also ordered not to have contact with her children and received five years of probation.

In November, she was in trouble for violating the order to comment about her family on the Internet.

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