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Appeal from the Detroit Eastern Market

Detroit Eastern Market Shed 3
Detroit Eastern Market Shed 3
Wikimedia Commons

It's not often one hears of certain institutions such as farmers' markets appealing to the public for help, especially financial aid. When the place is the Detroit Eastern Market, however, the situation is far different. This valuable heritage location is worthy of all the help Detroiters and others can give it.

The Eastern Market is definitely much more than a venue for local agriculturists to sell their produce. No, the EM offers flowers, food, plants, educational opportunities to schools conducting visits, and surely, a vast source of tourism-based income for our area. Where else can people, both local and visiting, see where and how foods are produced? The new Community Kitchen provides a resource for those who wish to learn to make healthy, nutritious meals for schools, families, and other places (such as nursing homes). Classes are available to anyone who wants to discover the amazing number of ways local fruits and vegetables may be prepared not to mention their nutritional importance. Without this type of educational input, how many meals would be devoid of healthy ingredients at local schools, hospitals and other locations?

For those only shopping for themselves and their families, organic and other naturally-grown produce can be found at the EM. No need to worry, there, about the hazards of chemically-produced foods contaminating your body. The market has high standards to meet for its participants. Despite the bad economy in our state, too, the Market has met this challenge by encouraging the acceptance by its vendors of the Michigan Bridge Card (food stamps). No one should be unable to purchase healthy foods due to their low (or no) income. Good health is a basic human right, not a privilege of the wealthy.

The Eastern Market, now, is asking the public, its loyal customers, for assistance in the form of membership in their organization, Friends of the Eastern Market. To reward the EM for its benefits to us all, and help maintain and expand their service, please see the following link for further information about joining: