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App to forever change how you travel

Founder & CEO of TripLingo
Jesse Maddox

Traveling is many times difficult in itself, but to top it off with not knowing the native language can produce even more issues, so this is why people like Jesse Maddox are much appreciated. Maddox didn’t purposely set out to alter your traveling experience but he did.

His story begins in Vietnam. His career took him to Vietnam- but let’s rewind to before then. Maddox’s birthplace is Anderson, South Carolina- and he graduated Magna Cum Laude from Brown University in 2008 with a Bachelor’s in Philosophy. Right after college he left for Vietnam and India, spending two years abroad working in the field of marketing and technology. While in Vietnam, Maddox was the marketing manager for Caterpillar’s Vietnam representative but in India he began working on his masterpiece, TripLingo as he worked remotely throughout the country.

Jesse Maddox is an Atlanta-based internet executive and is currently the Founder and CEO of TripLingo. Prior to this venture he was the Founder of The Janus Forum and; The Janus Forum is still one of Brown University’s most active and innovative student groups and hosting tool geared towards promoting thoughtful political discourse, with over 40 students actively involved. The other Maddox creation is which was the first on-line service allowing students to input their class schedule and compare textbook prices on-line. Due to Maddox’s ability to establish partnerships with 7 Student Councils that represented over 300,000 students, including students at Harvard and Dartmouth, he was able to acquire a good start.

With his already proven results in the technology field just as a college student, there was no reason to not believe he couldn’t repeat the same success after college- and that’s just what he produced, more success but just on a larger-scale.

Fast forward to after college while in Vietnam, Maddox met a language barrier as he didn’t know Vietnamese so he did something about it- and that brought on the TripLingo which is the revolutionary app that makes talking-on-the-go in a foreign language easy.

Already compatible with iOS, Android, The Nook and Kindle Fire, the app provides the option to use flash cards, a 2,000-plus word dictionary, a word bank and what’s named the ‘Slangslider’ that speaks in 12 different languages. That’s not it- the app brings you insider tips on local culture’s etiquette, business style(s), pop culture, and dining- with you earning badges each time you master new techniques and reach new levels.

If you don’t think the business industry didn’t quickly take notice of this then you’re totally out of your mind; this app alone earned Maddox the Business Traveler Innovation Award and Judges’ Choice Innovation of the Year award in 2012- beating out top competitors like Gogo Inflight Internet and Kayak. If that’s not already a great start, guess which app topped the list of Business Insider’s ‘Groundbreaking Inventions of 2011’ and yes that would be TripLingo that’s on iTunes.

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