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App Review - The Sandbox for Android!

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The Sandbox is a game that doesn’t contort to the classic, linear mobile game-style - unlike most mobile games, The Sandbox strives for creativity and freedom during the days of the NES- games were made with glorious, lively 8-bit graphics in a world of imagination and vibrancy.

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Games such as the Powder Game can be played for hours one end - letting time slip by as contraptions could be created, art could be formed and one could explore what other people had created.

With over 1,000,000 downloads to its name, The Sandbox is a world-building game - it’s a creation machine, in which thousands of people explore, create and build what they want - you become a God.

Upon first downloading The Sandbox, the same familiar 8-bit graphic style can be found, reminiscent of Mario games from twenty years ago. The Sandbox features three distinct options - the first being Free Mode. Starting with three basic elements, you can sculpt your world with them, you are completely in-control, with the ability to change the temperature, background and control environmental factors such as light, the weather and so much more.

Without even thinking about it, you could spend hours creating new, exciting contraptions - unlocking new elements and even using vehicles, explosives and animals - the vast scale of

The Sandbox is incredible. Each element contorts to various characteristics and new elements form as a result of these.

To unlock various elements, you need Mana. You start with 3500 Mana, more than enough to start creating, however, soon, you will want more elements - and you can easily get them simply by buying Mana, buying Element Packs or earning Mana by watching videos or participating in other free offers. Better yet, any purchase automatically removes advertisements - which is a fantastic incentive to buy some Mana.

That’s Free Mode, but what about Campaigns? Campaigns are a collection of levels, following a story - in-which you play a God-like role, completing tasks to foresee an outcome, such as building a Universe or stopping a Zombie Attack - there’s truly something for everyone - and with User-Created Campaigns - you will never run out of things to do.

One extremely interesting idea that The Sandbox pushes for is the idea of sharing, and viewing the work of others. You can view the Gallery - and entire collection of worlds created by people all around the world. Some are art, others are interesting contraptions - it’s completely diverse and imaginative, you will be awestruck by the amount of creativity and work put into some of them.

Overall, The Sandbox is the greatest world-creation game to ever grace iOS, Android and the Mac App Store - it’s a radical twist from what you would come to expect for a mobile game - and it’s artwork in itself. If you are creative, like Sandbox-type games or just want a great game to while away your time - The Sandbox is perfect for you.

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