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App deals of the day for cool iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch apps

App deals of the day for cool iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch apps includes a super deal on “Pac-Man” which dropped its price today to 99 cents from $5.00 in this daily deal. Besides the classic maze there are eight new mazes to explore, each with ghost-free bonus rounds. “Pac-Man” has two different control modes to navigate though these mazes as you munch fruits, gobble up Power Pellets and avoid the dreaded ghosts.

Today's top other daily deals on popular iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch apps include:

  • “Instapaper” has dropped its price from $3.99 to free in one of the best deals today. This app saves up to 500 webpage articles for easy reading offline. Has folders for organizing topics, brightness control, page flipping and more.

  • “Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile” has dropped its price from $2.99 to just 99 cents in another one of today's deals. The Street Fighter and Tekken clans clash in huge 3D graphics battles in this app. Here you create your own tag team and take on fierce world-wide competition. This deal may end without notice.

  • In a super deal today, the “Epoch.2” price has dropped from $5.99 to only $2.99. Here you help a robot search a post-apocalyptic world for the princess the robot was programmed to protect. Along the way you must battle enemy robots and bosses, make split-second decisions and dodge incoming fire. Triple AAA graphics and nice storyline.

  • The groundbreaking seek and find game, “Little Things” is in a deal that just dropped its price from $2.99 to free today. In this cool app you search colorful collages made up from hidden items. There is a different college each time you play. Plus, there are puzzles to build and badges to collect. A family fun game.

  • A popular new hidden objects adventure app, “European Mystery: Scent of Desire HD” is being offered free today. In this game you are a retired detective called to nineteenth century Paris to find a serial killer who mummifies his victims. Your goal here is to catch the murderer before he strikes again.

To see more of the top deals of the day on popular iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch apps, take a look at this reporter's selection of free apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch worth downloading now.

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