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Apothederm delivers just what the skin needs with new efficacious cleanser

It doesn’t foam or offer a scent, but Apotherm’s new SmartPeptide Technology’s Moisturizing Cleanser gets the job done on your skin by removing make-up, dirt and impurities without stripping it of its moisture.

A cleanser that gets the job done
Courtesy of Apothederm

Available at and, the cleanser cists $28 and comes packed with free radical fighting vitamins A, C and E, Evening Primrose oil, avocado oil and other powerful anti-aging ingredients.

Benefits come from Heptapeptide-7, a bioactive peptide that promotes keratinocyte profleration and migration (quite a mouthful but you get the gist); Palmitoyl Hexapeptide-14 that boosts collagen and firmness; Hexapeptide-21 that helps the skin repair itself and improve tone.

Apotherderm by Helix BioMedix is a Seattle, Washington-based specialty dermatology biotech that does research in the development of bioactive peptides. The products are efficacious rather than those perfumed fluff cosmetics on the shelves.

Whether you decide to get some Aportherderm or stick with your usual cleanser, be sure to watch the video for the how to on washing your face.

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