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Apostrophe trouble? Teach kids about punctuation the fun way!

Apostophe trouble?
Apostophe trouble?

If the kids are having trouble figuring out where to place apostrophes in their school work there is now a fun way to work on that. And let's be honest - apostrophes can give adults nightmares. But help is on the way!

Apostrophe Abuse is a blog that encourages readers to find mistakes where they live. Not only to you get to catch mistakes on local signs and advertisements but readers are encouraged to submit those photos to the blog.

Encouraging your kids to watch out for mistakes is a great way to sneak some learning into travel time. And letting them take and submit pictures encourages some other great skills as well. If you are not sure if an apostrophe is being used correctly you can check out for usage rules.

If you find something with a mistake on it in West Virginia please share it here!