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Apollo Nida worries about his kids: Who besides Phaedra Parks will raise family?

Apollo Nida worries what might happen to his family if he goes to jail
Apollo Nida worries what might happen to his family if he goes to jail
Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Cirque du Solei

Apollo Nida appears to be a little nervous at what he might be facing at court in the very near future. The cast member of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” appears to be second guessing what might happen if he goes to jail in July after agreeing to a plea deal. According to Reality Tea on Friday, Apollo worries that he will not be there for his children if he gets a long prison sentence.

Apollo Nida has opened up about his situation to media outlets over the past few weeks. Looking to get his story out, the reality star never includes Phaedra Parks in the interviews, but he talks about her. It sounds like court issues are tough on his relationship with his wife.

According to the Christian Post, Apollo admitted if another man steps in to take care of his sons while he is in prison, he would be devastated. Knowing that Parks could move on to another relationship if Apollo is going to be in jail for a long period of time, the idea that another man would parent his son hurts him.

While Phaedra Parks has publicly acknowledged she will stand behind her man, she hasn't said anything that makes viewers believe she will stay married if Apollo faces a long prison sentence. The couple has been working out issues, but Parks deserves to find happiness if the situation is a prolonged issue.

The future of Apollo Nida is unknown. The news station My Fox Atlanta is reporting that Nida has officially admitted being involved in conspiracy to commit mail, wire, and bank fraud worth $2.3 million across 11 states. His sentencing is in July and what might be his punishment is left up to a judge. Unfortunately, the concerns about his children come too late as his actions have already predetermined his future to some extent.