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Apollo Nida still gets Kenya Moore texts? Shock on ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta'

Kenya Moore
Photo by Fernando Leon

The fans of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” had disbelief and shock watching the banter between the reality stars on the reunion show. The cast was talking about the season and the couch time was intense, but there was one moment when everyone couldn't believe their ears and it was a teaser for the final installment. After several seasons and Phaedra Parks’ continued requests to stop, Kenya Moore is still texting her husband, Apollo Nida. According to WetPaint on Sunday, the preview of the “Reunion, Part 3” episode has Apollo revealing that Kenya Moore is still contacting him via text message.

Anyone who is a fan of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” was shocked. This theme of texting a married man behind the back of his wife has been going on for a while. It’s shady, it’s strange and it is disrespectful. Add that Phaedra Parks asked for it to stop and the allegation is jaw dropping.

Apparently Apollo Nida still has the text message and he might show it on the final show. It definitely would be interesting if the two could finalize this issue once and for all. This story should not be in the future seasons as viewers are truly exhausted about the situation.

So what was Kenya Moore’s response to Apollo insisting that she was texting him? She called him a criminal and attempts to discredit his statements, but if he really does have the texts it doesn't matter what he is as the facts stand alone.

The issues around Kenya Moore have touched almost every cast member and she has desperately tried to control the dialog. It has left a lopsided look at the cast that typically has spats with each other, but not one single person. If this continues, Kenya Moore might be ousted for taking all the spotlight and given a spin-off show. However, with no fighting, a solo show with Kenya would be pretty boring.

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