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Apollo Nida speaks out on Twitter about some of his recent 'RHOA' drama

Apollo Nida finally speaks out about some of the drama surrounding him on "RHOA."
Apollo Nida finally speaks out about some of the drama surrounding him on "RHOA."
Apollo Nida/Twitter

"Real Housewives of Atlanta" is supposed to be about the women but lately Phaedra Parks' husband Apollo Nida has been soaking up all the "RHOA" gossip time. On Jan. 30 All About The Real Housewives dished on Apollos response to those who have been talking about him.

Apollo Nida has taken center-stage lately in "RHOA" rumors. He recently was charged for fraud and identity theft in a case shockingly similar to one for which he was already convicted. In addition, the lated "RHOA" epsiode showed Apollo losing it and attacking Brandon DeShazer after he is accidentally hit trying to break up a fight.

On top of all that drama, now the rumor mill is saying Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida may be separated. Others are saying that if they aren't separated, they should be. The new legal issues Apollo faces in addition to previous cheating rumors and the text scandal he had with Kenya would be enough to make any woman throw in the towel.

In any case, Apollo felt the need to defend himself and to justify the fight everyone is talking about. He tweeted:

@KayIsis87 I want let any one put their hands on me period Point is it only takes 1 hit to hurt a person & I must go hm to my family[sic]

In regard to the rumors that he and Phaedra are separated or may be separating, he was very brief. In a one word answer, he again tweeted "NEVER!!!!"

Now here's what Apollo Nida isn't talking about: his pending legal troubles. Apollo has yet to talk about the new fraud and identity theft charges against him. They are shockingly similar to the ones he was already convicted of served time for. More than likely, Nida is keeping his mouth shut on that subject at the advice of his attorney.

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