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Apollo Nida's former crime partner says Phaedra Parks isn't that innocent

Fans were left stunned in late January when it was revealed that Apollo Nida, one of the stars "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," was booked and charged by the feds for bank fraud and identity theft. Besides wondering what would possess a man to commit such crimes after having already served prison time and getting reality TV paychecks, many also wondered if his lawyer wife Phaedra Parks knew of what he was doing. In an interview with the Daily Mail, posted on Thursday, Feb. 13, one of Apollo's former crime partners said that Phaedra is hardly innocent.

 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' cast member Phaedra Parks (right) and Apollo Nida attend Cirque du Soleil TOTEM Premiere at Atlantic Station on October 26, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia.
Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Cirque du Solei

Apollo was jailed in 2004 for breaking federal racketeering laws on auto title fraud. One of the persons also jailed for her part in the auto theft ring was Angela Stanton. After getting out, Angela wrote a book accusing Phaedra, who she said used to be her closest friend and introduced her to Apollo in 2001, of being in on the crime.

She now believes that Phaedra is at least guilty of letting Apollo commit the current crimes he's charged with.

"I cannot see how she can remain out of it. Where did she think her husband go all his money from? He didn't have a job but on the TV show boasted about spending thousands of dollars at strip joints," she told the news site.

"I feel vindicated as I have been saying all along that they are a corrupt family. I have no proof that Phaedra knew what her husband was doing, but people have to know she is not the innocent that she makes out. I was young and naive and she took advantage of me. It is like history repeating itself with this other woman who was arrested with Nida," she added.

So far, Phaedra isn't letting her husband's legal issues get to her, at least publicly. She's continuing to plug her book, "Secrets of the Southern Belle," and even went to New Orleans on Valentine's Day as part of her book tour. Apollo, meanwhile, seems to have chosen to spend his Valentine's Day in a club.

"IM HERE COLUMBIA SC LETS GO!!!!!!! PALACE 2," he tweeted early in the evening.

Do you think Phaedra Parks had any part or at least knew of what Apollo Nida was doing?

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