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Apollo Nida of 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' sentenced to 8 years in prison

Apollo Nida, forefront
Apollo Nida, forefront
Bravo TV screenshot

Apollo Nida, a star on the television program “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” has been sentenced on Tuesday to eight years in prison. After he serves his time locked up, he will face five years of supervised release. According to an ABC News report on Tuesday, the sentence is for Nida having committed identity theft and bank fraud. Reportedly, Nida committed mail, wire and bank fraud over a period of some four years. His criminal activities had a negative effect on 50 victims. Nida is the husband of Phaedra Parks.

Nida plead guilty to the charges against him on May 6. His sentencing for the crimes was just announced at his sentencing today. United States Attorney Sally Quillian Yates said that Nida organized two separate fake collection agencies. Then he used them to harvest data from databases like Equifax and LexisNexis. After that, he deployed that data in identity theft attacks designed to the vulnerabilities and characteristics of each of his victims, Yates said.

Yates also claims that 35-year-old Nida stole and bought stolen checks. Those checks included those stolen from Delta Airlines’ pension fund. Along with his associates, he filed fraudulent tax returns and took out auto loans that were also fraudulent. According to federal court documentation, he deposited millions of dollars in fraudulently obtained checks into about 40 different bank accounts. The bank accounts had been opened via stolen identities, according to People magazine.

On July 17, there will be a separate hearing. During that time, according to U.S. District Court Judge Charles A. Pannell Jr., Nida must pay restitution to his many victims. The amount will be calculated during that hearing.

The television star was arrested and charged earlier in 2014. He was arrested when feds seized his laptop computer and found evidence which linked him to his crimes. This will be Nida’s second time to do time. He was locked up and released in 2009 after doing time for racketeering.