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Apollo Nida debunks charity scam rumors; reveals details of his contract

Apollo Nida has been facing some serious backlash from The Real Housewives of Atlanta fans over the latest rumors that he was trying to scam a charity. The story went viral with a story of the man who wanted to get Apollo Nida to speak for a charity, but the organizer felt pressured and was worried if Nida went to jail that the deposit wouldn’t be returned. According to Radar Online on Wednesday, the situation has caused such an issue that Apollo Nida had to respond.

Opening up about the situation, Apollo Nida recorded a video for his fans. Offering up an explanation, he hopes that talking directly to the fans will help. Apparently the star never once spoke to the man who felt pressured as Nida has a book agent. The star also shared that the deposit would be returned if he was unable to make the function. Asking for $2,000, apparently the money would have gone for expenses.

Looking frustrated, Apollo Nida tried his best to share how this rumor has impacted his life. Offering transparency in letting people know the details will definitely help the reality star stop all the chatter, but it does offer up an interesting question. Will people actually book Apollo Nida for an event if his base rate is $2,000 or more for a speaking engagement especially if he might be going to jail soon?

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