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Apollo Nida confronted by T.I. and Killer Mike about snitching comment

Apollo Nida may have just bought himself more trouble than he was previously in with the feds. In a recent tweet sent by Nida, he compared his case to those of T.I. and Michael Vick, stating that he signed a similar plea deal to the pair. That didn't sit well with T.I. who made a point to tell Apollo Nida in person according to a Friday TMZ report.

T.I. and Killer Mike caught up to Apollo Nida in a parking lot to tell him to leave T.I. out of his conversations.
Killer Mike/Instagram

Apollo has been battling rumors that he turned informant as part of his recent plea deal for the fraud charges against him. He insists he is not an informant and even posted (and then deleted) a tweet saying that he signed a similar deal to T.I. and Michael Vick but with different charges. Not one to be called a snitch, T.I. and fellow rapper Killer Mike caught up with Apollo Nida to make a statement and it was caught on film.

In the video you see Apollo denying that he's a snitch while T.I. lets it be known that he does not appreciate the comparison. He can be heard telling Apollo that "perception is reality" and snitch is definitely not a label he wants to wear.

After the parking lot incident, Killer Mike took to his Instagram to post a picture of the meetup. He captioned the photo with the following quote, "Phaedra's Husband Apollo Apologize'n for some stoopid s--t he said to TMZ man this ni**a smh.#Clown."

If the recent Mediatakout report about Apollo's involvement with law enforcement has any truth to it, he better stop talking about T.I. According to the report, Apollo Nida was involved with some dirty cops and part of his deal is to help bring them down. That's pretty much the definition of snitch whether he wants to wear the title or not.

It's really looking like there is way more to the Apollo Nida bank fraud story line that "Real Housewives of Atlanta" fans have been fed. If Apollo is bring down a few bad cops in Atlanta, it's bound to make national headlines. His sentencing hearing is July 8 and considering he is already a felon with previous fraud convictions, he can be facing up to 30 years.

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