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Apollo Nida caught checking out Kenya Moore's assets on Mexico trip

Apollo is caught checking out Kenya on the "RHOA" Mexico trip.
Apollo is caught checking out Kenya on the "RHOA" Mexico trip.
Apollo Nida/Twitter

Apollo Nida has got himself into more trouble and this time it has nothing to do with bank fraud. When the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" took their husbands and went to Mexico, there was more to the Apollo and Kenya scandal than previously reported. According to a Monday report by Radar Online, Apollo was caught peeking at Kenya's booty during the trip and Peter Thomas called him out on it.

You would think by now that Apollo would know better than to go near Kenya Moore. Just call him the king of bad choices though because everybody is upset with Apollo these days.

Video is just now surfacing of the encounter where Peter Thomas calls Apollo out in front of the other husbands. At first he denies looking and then owns up to the sneak peek. Of course it would be hard not to look at Kenya in her barely there yellow bikini. For a single woman on a trip with several married couples, that getup is just more proof of how inappropriate she can be.

On the tape, Peter points out to Apollo Nida that he was noticeably checking Kenya out when she came out of the pool. Apollo shoots back that he was looking at the horizon. To which Peter points out that you can't see the horizon from the cave.

"I don't mean no harm" is Apollo's answer when he got busted for eyeballing the former Miss USA. Peter didn't let it go either and kept needling Apollo in front of the other "RHOA" husbands Todd Tucker and Greg Leakes. He asked Apollo why he even looked and Apollo responded, "I've got eyes." Apparently he doesn't want to keep them because if Phaedra Parks knew that his eyes are the reason he keeps checking out and speaking with Kenya, she'll probably have them removed.