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Aphrodisiacs abound in Huntsville restaurants to aid Valentine's romance


Valentine’s Day is this weekend, and desperate lovers across the Tennessee Valley want to make the right impact with a well-planned meal. Bite for bite, foods with aphrodisiac qualities offer would-be romantics the most bang for the buck. (Wink)

Aphrodisiacs come in many forms, and most of them are revolting. In Jamaica, a steaming bowl of Cow Cod Soup – made with real cow cod - is revered for its powers of seduction. In Southeast Asia, a drink of cobra blood enhances virility. In the Philippines a few years back, I tried unsuccessfully to eat the fermented and fertilized duck egg called Balut. “Good for the wedding night,” was the description for that unforgettable apostasy.

In Huntsville, your choice of aphrodisiacs is blessedly simpler. The big three - chocolate, oysters, and a good bottle of wine – are all within reach. Here is a quick hit list of places in Huntsville you can go to enjoy a nice meal and find foods that offer the right…romantic motivation.


Po Boy Factory. Try the Fried Oyster Po-Boy “dressed.” The bread at PoBoy Factory is brought in daily from a New Orleans bakery.  Authentic Louisiana cooking in a very casual setting.

The Chophouse. Downtown Huntsville’s well-loved steak and seafood joint has both raw and prepared oysters on their menu. If you don’t like them raw or fried, go Casino: oysters and bacon baked together like soulmates.


Connor’s Steak and Seafood. Connor’s German chocolate upside down cake has the power to tear the clothes right off of your body. Insider tip: Connor’s is always packed. On event nights, eat somewhere else then sidle up to Connor’s bar for drinks and this fantasy dessert with little or no wait.

Sam and Greg’s Pizzeria Gelateria. Good gelato is rare in the South, but Sam and Greg make their own fresh and in-house. Their Spicy Chocolate gelato is a wonderful mixture of spicy chilies and rich chocolate. If you haven’t tried this, rent Chocolat and snuggle up with your date and a pint of this stuff. Bet you don’t see the end of the movie.


Pane E Vino. This hidden nook is attached to the Huntsville Museum of Art, and is the brainchild of master chef James Boyce who leads the immaculate Cotton Row restaurant in Huntsville’s courthouse square. The only thing better than the wine here is the pizza.

Grille 29. Voted #1 for the past three years, Grille 29 has a wide appeal. The wine list is solid, and the meals are always good. This romantic and well-managed eatery is sure to be packed throughout the weekend, so call ahead.

Mezza Luna. This is a top ten restaurant in Huntsville, hidden away in Jones Valley. Mezza Luna is a sure bet for great oysters, fantastic wines, and incredible Mediterranean cuisine.

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Happy Dining!


  • Jennifer 5 years ago

    Great piece! Don't forget the newest place to get oysters in Huntsville, Wintzell's Oyster House, which opened in the old Green Hills Grille location.

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