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Apatow on board for female version of 'The Hangover'


Judd Apatow

Think girls can't get as wild as the group of guys from last summer's blockbuster The Hangover? Well, we'll get our chance to find out soon enough. Apatow who has been behind some of the funnier (and raunchier) movies of the past five years has signed on to what is being called "the female version of The Hangover" (Cinematical.)

Variety had news of the movie, Business Trip, last June which involves "a group of women who go on a corporate trip but wind up doing anything but business while on company time" and now Judd Apatow has signed on with his wife, Leslie Mann, heading up the cast.

Apatow has already signed on to produce Krisitn Wiig's comedy, Bridesmaids, so Business Trip will be his second film that has female leads. is reporting that the movie will start filming as early as January of 2011 but no estimated release date so far. 

So, Lexingtonians, what do you think? Should Apatow stick to his proven winners of outrageously raunchy guy movies or should he try his hand at some female leads? In case you've forgotten, below is The Hangover trailer which shows us just how ridiculous guys can really be.



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