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Apathy and Complacency



How many people do you hear talking and saying things like, “THEY should do something”? Or who just complain and whine when the candidate they wanted to win loses? It makes you wonder if anyone would admit that they didn’t even bother to vote. Some don’t even know who is running for office!
That signifies lazy complacency and takes away credence. If you can’t be bothered to vote, then you shouldn’t be complaining. Or if your candidate is one of the very ones responsible for the things in which you are dissatisfied, yet you want to transfer blame to someone else?

Why is it that we all have freedom of speech, yet when significant issues are at stake, no one speaks up. I see tons of blogs and news articles with comment areas that evoke some responses, but not nearly what one would expect with the quantity of readers.
This site on The Examiner receives practically no feedback at all.

How many of you are guilty of forming an opinion on an arrested person, a trial, a news report or magazine article without following through to garner all the facts of the case?
There are many who are quick to make judgment based on personal biases. These are usually not made on any rational basis, just personal feelings. “Well, I think he’s guilty because of those ugly tattoos.” “I think she’s guilty because she uses her body.”

Hot topics such as capital punishment and abortion and gay marriage and legalizing pot are perfect opportunities to express one’s views and beliefs, yet how many take advantage of it?

It’s okay to vent about your favorite ball team losing as you have no control over that.
Things you DO have control over are the things you should be vocal about.

That’s part of the beauty of the internet is having anonymity if you don’t want to disclose your identity. You can still have a voice. Speak out and be heard.

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