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Apartment was site of fatal fire – Part 2

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What Michael Vara saw on his computer screen simply blew him away.

“It was the newspaper story of the fire in my building several years ago and it went on to talk about two people - one child and one adult - who died in that fire. The father died trying to leave the building and the little girl died hiding in the bedroom closet in my bedroom.”

Vara then understood another thing that had been happening each night. He said he always “closed and secured it” his bedroom closet at night but in the morning, he would find it “wide open.”

That night, he and his stepson set up the recorder in hopes of getting some EVPs.

“I began asking questions like, who are you, why are you hear and do you know you’re dead? Then I proceeded to direct any spirits in the apartment to go to the light.”

When they rewound the tape to listen, they heard “grunting and even a man saying in a Freddy Kruger style voice, ‘the light.” But the “big breakthrough” did not come until the following night. He set up the recorder in the living room with “just a dim light. To my left was my very dark kitchen.”

In pursuit of more proof, he decided to try aggravating the spirits like was done in the White Noise movie.

“Guess what?” he asked. “It worked! I said, ‘Ohhh this cigarette is good," he told the unseen spirit. "Want some? Oh that's right; you’re dead. You can’t have any.”

At that same moment, Vara said, “I saw off to my left on the kitchen wall, a circle of light appear, with a dark letter ‘A’ in the middle of it. Then every hair on my body stuck straight up and that was enough for me!”

Vara called his friends who owned the apartment building.

“I told them that I was moving and why I was moving. My friends thought I was crazy,” but they let him out of his lease. From then on, he said, it seemed that “my new ghostly friends” did not want him to leave.

“As a matter of fact, some may say they were heated over the idea, so much so that I awoke my last morning there to a nasty burning smell, and sat up quickly only to find my blinds off the window and clear across the other side of the bedroom lying on my electric heater melting.”

He promptly got up, packed his belongings, and he and his stepson left. They moved “down the road where I never had any more problems."
And Vara soon remembered that the name of the girl who had died in the fire began with the letter A.

After he left, one of the building’s owners decided to take over that same apartment for a few months. However, Vara said he ended up “selling the building three months later. When I asked why they sold it after just pouring a ton of money into fixing it up, they would not comment.”

But perhaps worst of all, that “beautiful woman” who had come to his apartment, “never returned and never even picked up the phone for me again!”