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Apart of a job something to think about

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Apart of a job something to think about

Ethical situations arise daily in our daily lives, and especially so when it concerns our jobs, but what line/lines do you cross to get your way? Let’s say you traveling on a plane to a foreign county because of your job, and the passport controller tells you that there will be a delay for at least 24 hours or more, but he/she tells you, “For $100.00 I can get you on the next plane that leaves in only 30 minutes.” What would you do? Most people are in a hurry, because they are due back for a meeting, and whether it is job related , or if it is not job related; then one might be prone to pay the money. There are corporate people in the world who jet-set all over the world, and to get out of certain countries they might pay a heck of a lot more that a $100.00. Before answering the question; one would need to quickly evaluate the country he/she is currently in and determine whether that specific county was safe or not. Some believe that there are no differences at all, because some feel that money rules over all ethical conduct. One might look at his/her own country and ponder to themselves what would their own governing bodies do in their country. Does the person traveling have a good government? Does his/her own government take bribes for votes, do they pay lobbyist a lot of money; just to get a certain bill passed or not passed? Look at certain countries in the world; meaning try to send someone a card with money in it, or a music CD; would that person ever receives what you sent them? Many people send items all over the world; and the receiver will more than likely get the card, but opened with no money in it. In a lot of opinions there are no cultural differences when it comes to people who have power or are in powerful positions such as the passport controller, so it makes one ponder if this were purely unethical; and what it is was something more; such as suggestive remarks or actions with those remarks? What would a female do in this situation? What is your personal ethical line? What if it is only money, and not sex, or sexual favors; the point is; what is your ethical line you will not cross?

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