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Apalachee Facebook scandal update: Barrow doesn't know source of anonymous email

Apalachee teacher Ashley Payne recently resigned after an anonymous email, allegedly sent by a parent, complained about inappropriate content on Payne’s Facebook page. 

Payne’s legal case continues as her lawyer recently took depositions from Apalachee’s principal and assistant principal. 

Barrow County does not know the source of the anonymous email and cannot verify whether it was an angry parent, as the email claimed, or a vengeful co-worker, as the AJC has surmised. Within two hours, however, school officials summoned Payne and, according to her account, pressured her to resign.

Payne had believed her Facebook page was private, and says she never added students as friends.

Payne’s Facebook included pictures from her summer trip to Europe, a few of which portrayed her drinking alcohol, and a status update about “Crazy Bitch Bingo,” a weekly event held at a restaurant in Midtown.

The scandal has received national media coverage, sparking debates about Facebook, privacy, and teachers’ outside lives.