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AP slammed for pro-Hamas tweet attacking Congress, revises article

AP slammed for pro-Hamas tweet promoting article.  Article was edited, but tweet remains as is.
AP slammed for pro-Hamas tweet promoting article. Article was edited, but tweet remains as is.
Chris Hondros, Hulton Archive/Getty Images

The Associated Press found itself under a great deal of criticism Tuesday morning after it issued a Tweet promoting an article taking members of Congress to task for supporting Israel. Twitchy said a number of Twitter users called it propaganda and slammed the news outlet.

"As much of world watches Gaza war in horror, members of Congress fall over each other to support Israel," the AP tweeted. The message included a link to an article that was revised after sparking anger.

"Is this anti-Israel propaganda part of the @AP 's official position? If not, they might want to say so quickly," one person said in response. Others called the headline "heavy handed," while one person wondered if the person running AP's Twitter account was drunk.

"So @AP, *nobody* in the world at all *ever* watches Hamas flinging rockets at Israeli civilians with horror, right?" another person asked on Twitter.

Twitchy said the AP "quietly" altered the article and changed the title. Initially, Twitchy said, the title read: “With Israel at war, US lawmakers give full support.” The title now reads: "Lawmakers try to seal $225M aid package for Israel."

"Members of Congress are falling over one another to show their support for Israel," Bradley Klapper originally wrote. That paragraph was also changed and now reads: "Democratic and Republican members of Congress are scrambling to seal a $225 million boost to Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system before they break this week for a month-long recess."

The content and tone of the article changed considerably, but the original tweet, which summarized the first paragraph of Clapper's original article, can still be seen on Twitter as of this writing. Despite the edits, many are convinced the AP, like so much of the so-called "mainstream media," holds an anti-Israel bias.

"AP: Hacked or hacks?" one person asked. Another person called it "despicable."

"I think the @AP is letting their terror-loving underpants show. I want to give them a metaphorical wedgie," tweeted "TheOAK."

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