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AP: 6.0 magnitude aftershock struck Haiti at 6:03 AM local time; Wyclef: Evacuate Port-au-Prince

A 6.0 magnitude aftershock rocked Haiti's devestated capital at 6:03 this morning, Port-au-Prince time (11:03 AM GMT). The tremor, which occurred 35 miles northwest of the ravaged city, whose death count from last week's quake is now presumed to be in excess of 200,000, struck at a depth of 13.7 miles and caused widespread fear and chaos among an already tense population.

Meanwhile, former Fugee Wyclef Jean has suggested an evacuation of the 2 million survivors of last week's quake to "tent cities" outside the island's urban core, which has been, by some accounts, damaged beyond repair. The rapper came under fire last week for alleged personal uses of funds from Yéle, the nonprofit fund he set up to help the impoverished island.

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