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AOL and Discovery offer the best clips of programming in one place

If you’re not able to catch all that Discovery has to offer during the week—most especially during Shark Week— or if you just don’t have cable, Discovery still wants to share their wealth of information with you. For those inquisitive folks among you, Discovery is sharing all of the clips and tidbits of information that are most vital to you staying on top of the world’s most interesting and entertaining news.

This week being Shark Week means that the playlist has been taken over in the same way the channel has; it’s overrun with sharks. Right now you can catch up on clips including “Jaws Strikes Back: The Vicious Cookiecutter Shark” and “Shark Week: Removing Fish Hooks From Sharks”.

And to lure you in, Discovery drops some pretty intense knowledge in the description: For example, “Cookiecutter sharks have the biggest jaws for their size of any shark and bite almost anything”. Now we’ve got to learn what ‘almost anything’ means. The segment on removing fish hooks describes researchers “putting sharks to sleep” but here’s a secret, they don’t use any kind of injections to do it. All they have are their hands. Tell me that’s not the most intriguing thing you’ve heard today.

Of course, the playlist also includes Discovery's regular programming, including “Naked and Afraid,” the intriguing “Who Do You Think You Are?,” “Mythbusters,” “Deadliest Catch,” “American Muscle,” “Dual Survival,” “Chrome Underground” and the ever-popular “Return to Amish.”

The page also incorporates the Twitter account of Discovery Channel so you can keep up with the latest while still viewing your video. You can view facts about their #AnimaloftheDay, and follow up with some programming.

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