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Anzu wyliei, “Chicken from Hell”: Anzu wyliei dinosaur resembles morphed chicken

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The “Chicken from Hell,” is how paleontologists are describing the species of dinosaur, Anzu wyliei, found during a recent excavation. Why do they call it the “Chicken from Hell? Because it looks like a demon that took on the image of a chicken.

According to WPTV News on March 20, this creature once weighed about 600-pounds with an extremely long bony tail, very large hands with really sharp claws. This find came from three separate excavations from the base of a rock formation called Hell Creek in North and South Dakota. This bizarre bird-like creature walked the earth 66 millions years ago and stood 10-feet tall.

This huge chicken-appearing dinosaur would curl the toes of the creative minds who develop the monsters for the science fiction movies. The monstrous dinosaur dates back to the Cretaceous period, according to Matt Lamanna, from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburg.

Besides looking like the devil’s chicken, the dinosaur is one of the “largest species of egg-stealing oviraptors yet found in North America,” claims Emma Schachner, an evolutionary biologist from the University of Utah. It is also “the first largely complete skeleton I think anyone has found of these guys,” said Schachner.