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Anywhere do-it-yourself ab workout

Perform this great ab workout for three rounds!

5 reasons you should rock the hollow rock
  • 1 minute hollow rock
  • 45-seconds plank
  • 30-seconds kettlebell sit-ups
  • 1 minute of rest and then repeat for a total of three rounds!

5 reasons you should rock the hollow rock

According to, the hollow body position is a gymnastic position of core contraction and stabilization where your pelvis is tucked under, your stomach is tight, your chest is rounded and your low back is straight. It is essentially the exact opposite of lifting posture, where you keep a proud chest and arched low back.

The hollow body position can be used to train your deep core muscles such as the transverse abdominus and multifidus, which are not recruited with traditional “core” exercises such as sit-ups and crunches. However when maximizing recruitment of the deep core muscles the term “bracing” may be more appropriate than the term “hollowing”.

So, what will recruiting your deep core muscles and holding a hollow body position mean to you?

The hollow body position is one way to train the deep core muscles that often go missed in standard core programs. The truly exciting thing is that, once trained, the deep core muscles will learn to fire automatically when they are needed. The bottom line is that training these muscles can make you more stable, powerful, mobile and injury resistant all while making you look good!

  1. Dynamic Stability – Human movement is based upon your ability to move your extremities around your stable core. When you can recruit your deep core muscles you will be able to turn your core into a rigid lever for your limbs to move around. Hello kick-ass toes-to-bar!
  2. Power Transfer – Do you want to lift more? Many of the lifts that we use require us to generate force with the powerful muscles of our legs and hips and then transfer that momentum to our shoulders and arms (think thrusters). When we recruit the deep muscles of our core, forming that rigid lever, less energy is lost in this transfer.
  3. Flexibility/Mobility – How many of us have limited hip, thoracic and/or shoulder mobility? When we try to move our bodies, without recruiting the deep core muscles, the spine is unstable. The body’s response to this is to restrict your movement in an attempt to prevent back injuries. Teaching yourself to fire your deep core musculature will give you the improved range of motion.
  4. Injury Prevention – 4 out of 5 of us will experience at least one episode of back pain within our lifetime. With proper core stabilization, you can reduce your likelihood of experiencing a painful episode. When active, the deep core muscles can absorb a significant amount of force, which would otherwise be placed on other tissues leading to injury.
  5. Beach Body –The transverse abdomens muscle fibers wrap around your core like a corset. Training these muscles will pull everything in tight, enhancing your “hour-glass” figure or emphasizing your “six-pack” abs.
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