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“Anyone Who Loves….Lives in the Light!”(1 John 2:10)

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“Anyone Who Loves….Lives in the Light!”(1 John 2:10)

“Anyone who loves their brother and sister[c] lives in the light, and there is nothing in them to make them stumble.” 1 John 2:10

The love for other believers should be evident in the believers’ words and actions. The words spoken to and about others should be positive and without hurtful speech. Believers should refrain from gossip that often degrades others. Actions should not be hypocritical, but the example of Jesus is being followed. Jesus’ love was in word and deed. He spoke the truth and did right actions such as healing, feeding others, etc. He was the light shining in the darkness.

Believers in Christ Jesus filled with the Holy Spirit are to have love for one another. This love is to shine brightly amongst those who do not know God. Just like Jesus, a believer becomes light by producing the fruit of love. They are able to see others in how God sees them. They seek to build up instead of tear down. Their heart is pure and lacks anything that would cause them to fall.

Challenge: Believer, think of ways to show love to your brother and sister in Christ Jesus. Amen!