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Any...Unholy Thing

MTV's New Comedy "Happyland" reveals incest storyline.
MTV's New Comedy "Happyland" reveals incest storyline.
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What's hot on MTV? Well according to MTV it's their new comedy show called “Happyland.”

To quote one of the stars of the show: “Incest is hot, and we’re going to have fun!” MTV‘s Happyland star Bianca Santos said this morning during the new series’ Q&A session at the TCA Summer TV Press Tour.

Showtime did a similar plot line with "The Borgias.

However the incest plot line didn't do anything to quell the fervor of the shows devotees, on the contrary it just egged the audience on to root for them.

In most of the comments from that show, the same thread point ran concurrently in the majority of the comments regarding the incest of Lucretia Borgia and her brother Cesare' which clearly added up to the heralding of them as a "hero couple."

When HBO presented Game of Thrones, this plot device was part of the show as well.

This time it was the fictional Lannister siblings.

Game of Thrones is a show that I have been watching every season of and though I admit that I have fast forwarded through the objectionable parts I can't deny that Game of Thrones is a great production, and happily the show has several story lines going on at once.

However regarding the characters in Game of Thrones, which are (treated or written) a bit differently than those in the Borgias the outcome of the Lannister siblings incest resulted in the horror of a severely mentally compromised offspring, specifically Joffrey; who was criminally insane.
To wit, when he became king, he was shown to have committed the most heinous of crimes against his “people” while his parents and the rest of his family sat silently by as he unrestrainedly rained down his personal brand of cruelty, terror, debauchery and bloodshed on everyone he chose to torment.

Yet the topic of incest is wholly abhorrent so you may well ask why entertainment vehicles such as these and Happyland are presented to the viewing public in the first place?

The answers are many, but one that sticks out to me is that the viewing populace has been desensitized in increments, over time.

Growing up I spent a lot time at the beach, so it I didn't notice this until the middle 1970's, but it had become common for the movies of that era to be loaded with what was labeled as “ Strong Language” i.e., swearing(cussing) in practically every scene as well as violence, nudity and that trend has only increased and now with adult and overt sexual content added to nearly every Television show or movie, this movement has gotten even more repugnant since then.

If you don't believe me, just take a look at some of the objectionable things that ended up as a requisite part of many of the video games earmarked for our kids and grandkids.

As the kids say: “Back in the Day” I heard about a video game that all the kids were talking about. The game was ostensibly about stealing cars which was bad enough, but I was absolutely appalled to learn that one of the ways points were garnered and levels were achieved in the game was with the rape and killing of the game's prostitutes.

I was flabbergasted and my first question was; “What are characters and procedures like this doing in a game aimed at anyone but especially games aimed at kids?”

For me this was no less than desensitization of our youth at it's level best and it was unwittingly being accomplished during the playing of a game.

It made me wonder just how any young man who played that game would later view and treat women as they advanced into their teenage years and later grew into adulthood.

I wondered if it would cause them to be either disrespectful to women or to de-value women because it might have become a learned response to the cavalier violence, insensitivity and disrespectful aspects of the game that they had over a long period of time, been inundated with and desensitized to while playing it.

Back then I had hoped that it might just be a fad, that would pass soon.

Yet since then there have been several versions of the game and lately it has been reported to have broken world-wide sales records.

So why do Television shows, Movies, Books, Games, Entertainment et. al., of this kind flourish?

Three words: High dollar return.

Sadly, it racks up big sales to an increasingly numb population whose tolerance for this kind of junk has only increased steadily over time and it is important to take note here, that this is not only the aim but the very nature of desensitization.

In this world, taboo subjects are considered rife for the picking by many of those in the entertainment industry as it appears that some having reached their no-holds-barred life view long ago, unapologetically engage in producing shows with taboo themes, having abandoned traditional societal mores' in exchange for “the more taboos,the more money,” mindset apparently without a care to the damage that such productions can have on our society as a whole.

With regard to MTV's Happyland:
There are some topics that should never be produced for entertainment, then launched out on impressionable young people and such, is the subject matter of “MTV'S Happyland,” because no matter how the producers or the actors involved try to sell it in the interviews, one thing stands out perfectly clear....this is a show about incest...period.

And the attempt to desensitize our young people about such a horrible subject should not be done even unwittingly.

I am surely no saint believe me, but as a Christian, I have learned that the devil always pulls someone in gradually... and before they even realize what's happening, it's done and the trap door suddenly slams shut.

These days in entertainment, it's practically Sodom and Gomorrah out there.

The problem inherent is desensitized people who either do not see it or sadly have ceased to care about it anymore.

As a parent, I worried thirty years ago about where the road our society seemed to have launched headlong into would eventually lead.

It's abundantly clear that the road that was taken back then has landed us all here.... in our very precarious world.
As I look back I wish that our society had not decided to cross so many lines into territory that would have been better left alone.

Now, as a grandparent, I am more concerned than ever because entertainment is KING in our society and in the confines of Movies, Books, Games and Television shows both cable and non, literally anything goes these days....

Any.... unholy thing.

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