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Any silver lining from Haitian earthquake?

As with any devastating natural disaster, there is no way to see past the tremendous loss of life or suffering of victims. In these situations it's the only thing the media can talk about, and rightfully so. We've seen it with Katrina, and the Tsunami of past years, it's a media obsession but also a worldwide rallying cry. These are two of the things we can expect with this recent situation.

One would hope that even more could be seen as a positive from another terrible affliction on one locale. Perhaps the people of Haiti will finally benefit in some small way from this as the poorest of the poor will finally see some of the provisions they've been denied for years. It may even motivate and fuel them physically and mentally to take on the oppressive government that has for so long ignored them. It won't be hard for them to storm the Presidential Palace from here and take their country back, since the land itself reclaimed the palace.

Perhaps those most in danger won't have to eat mudcakes for some time due to massive international support and relief efforts. President Obama pledged $100 million U.S. dollars for this venture, and it's a pleasant surprise to see our national piggy bank get opened for some people who need it than to help out Goldman Sachs, or some other corrupt enterprise again.

Perhaps we as a people can rally around a decent cause again, as we did in Katrina, Indonesia, and of course 9/11. After all, times like this, no matter where it occurs aren't fodder for partisan sniping. Whoops! That is precisely where we fail again, and we do so in extraordinary ways.

Pat Robertson, the leader of the pack this time out has blamed a Haitian "pact with the devil", for the earthquake that is as natural as his own ignorance and intolerance. Yes Pat, there are Haitians who practice voodoo, among other religions. There are also people in Douglas County, Wisconsin that practice voodoo among other religions. Pat and his late partner in mind-crime; Jerry Falwell also blamed 9/11 on "Pagans, Feminists, Homosexuals, Pro Choice supporters" and virtually anyone else who does not contribute to their faith based fraud. The very fact that there are people who still contribute money to charlatans like Pat, and the rest of his ilk, is far more frightening than anything a man on a plane with pants afire ever should.

Pat, let me help you here. The earthquake was caused by the shifting of plates beneath the ground over Satan's head, and 9/11 was caused by 19 crazy religious nuts (you should know that theory well) who flew planes into buildings. The End.

A follow up to Pat's theory was Rush Limbaugh who encouraged his listeners not to contribute to the Haitian recovery. Most of Rush's listeners would never send such a dime anyway, but his reasoning was that "it would help Obama politicize" the situation. That is hubris, and hypocrisy on a staggering scale. Rush, like Pat are committed Christians and couldn't miss the original message more than if it were embedded in an old Pink Floyd song.

It would be nice if Haiti can recover from a disaster of such a scale and even be better for it. That remains to be seen. However it's the political nature of people of this country to 'see the remains' and still find a way to swing it in their favor. Sickening? yes, Curable? not here, and not now. I wonder what will be in store for us if Pat's theory of payback holds true.


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