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Screen shot by Sandy Stachowiak

Finding a task manager and calendar that work together and across different devices is not easy. Luckily the team who created the task manager a few years ago recently implemented a calendar app called Cal that helps to solve this problem.

These apps work separately or together on both Android and iOS. can also be accessed via the Web or Chrome browser for convenience. Hopefully Cal will follow suit.

So, what is it that makes this pair of apps special? The way they work together is flawless, the interface of each is appealing, and the reliability of both is solid.

As with any task manager or calendar application, these apps each have the basic features that you would expect. Let's instead take a look at some of the noteworthy features that set these apps above the competitors.

  • Moment shows what's on your task plate for the day
  • Notification bar reminders with sound and ability to snooze
  • Manual sync for Google Tasks available
  • Share lists and tasks
  • Missed call options including reminder, snooze, and callback Cal

  • Cal's HeadsUp feature displays a small pop-up for your next scheduled event
  • Connect Exchange, Google Calendar, and Facebook calendars
  • Tap to call, message, mail, or go to Facebook for your contact's birthday
  • Built-in Google Maps, Waze, and Uber for appointments and meetings
  • Photo themes


  • Both apps are currently free
  • Intuitive, clean interfaces including features like drag n' drop, auto-suggest, and microphone
  • Seamless sync between apps and devices
  • Tasks from display in the Cal app as well as the Cal Android widget
  • Scrollable, resizable Android widgets and Cal work great separately, but together the mix makes for a powerful organizational and planning tool. The developers are currently working on two more applications to add to the family: Mail and Memo. Be sure to check back for details on these new applications along with updates on and Cal.

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