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Anxious Questions Chap Oscar Offers Insights

Thank You For Listening!
Thank You For Listening!
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NATIONAL NEWS In an anguished pursuit of credible answers this is what First Responders always here at the scene of a residential fire when landlines return with nothing but busy signals. Did They Make It Out? Are They Hurt? Where Are My Family Members? All anxious questions preying on the minds of relatives and friends and well meaning neighbors!

As a CISM Chaplain I want to express my sincere thanks to all our brave Firefighters and Emergency Teams. According to reliable sources this year so far over 809 American Civilian fatalities. Now take a deep breath this is from January 1, 2014 to March 17, 2014. My goal 100% is solely to raise awareness. The night or day of a home fire of a friend or relative or who knows for sure it just might be your home is an event you will never forget. Somehow all you get are busy signals even when you dial someone who may be able to help with information there is no response. Sometimes the local news is all you have. The last thing you want to hear is Calm Down! Please take America's Fire Problem Serious and have a Fire Drill in your residence sometime this week and work with your family on the potential threat we all face every day. PREPAREDNESS IS THE ANSWER!