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Anxiety and your cat

If you are here, I feel secure
If you are here, I feel secure
Karla Kirby

It is true, as a matter of fact, cats do indeed suffer from anxiety.
Much of a cat's stress level is shaped out by their exclusive personality. Some felines handle stressful situations more feebly than others and like humans they too have “Type A” and “Type B” personalities.
Anxiety is a true problem for cats though and there are symptoms of anxiety every cat care give should take special note of.
Hiding is a huge one. If your cat is hiding under furniture, in closets, on top shelves and can’t be found, something is wrong. Also look for sudden changes in appetite, urinating outside the litter box, disproportionate vocalizing, lethargy and depression.
A major cause of stress in multi-cat households is, you guessed it, other cats. You should easily understand that one. Other people often cause us stress be it on the job or even at home, so why couldn't cats stress one another out in the same way? Personalities clash and there is only so much room in the house.
You can do a lot to help curtail stress in your cat. Just consider what your cat likes most of all and simply provide more of it. For instance, if he/she likes to nap you can supply a good safe napping spot with an appealing perch in an enticing area. Multi-tiered cat trees that feature several places for peeking out the window at the squirrels and birds and or safely hiding work wonders.
Also provide more toys and switch them around every few days. Interact with your cat and give him/her plenty of specialized attention.
Remember: Cats do experience emotional stress, and it should be taken very seriously. Mental health care for your cat is good cat care.

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