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Anwan Glover stabbed: Star of 'The Wire' stabbed and beat at nightclub

Anwan Glover
Photo by Charles Norfleet/Getty Images

In shocking news, Anwan Glover of "The Wire" was stabbed and beat at a club over the weekend. On Monday, Fox News shared about what happened to him. He was at a nightclub in Washington, D.C. when it all went down. It happened on early Sunday morning. His musical group had performed that night and several people attacked him after he left.

His manager Tiffany Turner spoke out about the attack. She said, "Anwan is no stranger to challenges and struggle, he has overcome many. It is unfortunate that a 'man of the people' or anyone for that matter, cannot attend events without the possibility of injury just by being a bystander." It is unknown if it was someone who knew him and already didn't like him or if this was just a random attack at a Washington, D. C. nightclub.

Anwan shared that he was at Cafe Asia club when he was attacked. This is on the second floor. It just kept going on as other people attacked him. The next thing that happened was that someone yelled that there was a knife involved and he felt a sharp pain in his side.

He was treated at the hospital and it sounds like he will be just fine. Anwan Glover doesn't seem to know who his attackers were, but of course the police will continue to investigate this attack. Hopefully more news will come out soon and they will put the people who attacked him behind bars.

Anwan Glover is best known for his time on "The Wire." He has also done several movies to include the recent film that came out called "12 Years a Slave." This won an Academy Award for Best Picture.

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