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Ants on Hawaiian sweet bread

Did you know an ant can lift up to 3 times it weight
Did you know an ant can lift up to 3 times it weight
Marco Reynolds

So I went into the kitchen today for a snack. As I was about to reach for a slice of bread, I noticed there were ants crawling all over the last bun of Hawaiian sweet bread. Now we left Hawai'i and I must say it was a difficult decision. So why are there ants in the kitchen in Las Vegas. Although the ants in Hawaii were considerably larger and more intrusive; the ants here are starting to form a union. I notice a couple of weeks ago one and then two ants on the kitchen counter. After you have lived in Hawai'i, that's no big deal. So I sprayed some Raid hoping that would alleviate the problem. Needless, to say they came back in full force.

The Takeaway

One thing I can say about ants is they do not give up. To be honest ants fascinate me. I remember watching them on the Big Island of Hawai'i and seeing a once and a lifetime event. An ant pulling another insect, considerably larger up the wall. I had to take a picture of this because I knew no one would believe me. Not only, does there persistent impress me, but there strength is overwhelming. They can carry two times there body weight.

Like me, they are very structured; so although I like ants I do not want them to consume my food, before I get a chance to.