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Antonio Cesaro and Christian added to WWE Elimination Chamber

According to a Jan. 28 report from, Antonio Cesaro and Christian have been added to the WWE "Elimination Chamber" pay-per-view main event.

Cesaro qualified for the six-man competition by defeating Dolph Ziggler during the Jan. 28 WWE SmackDown taping in Toledo, Ohio.

Christian earned his way into the Elimination Chamber by defeating Jack Swagger.

Cesaro and Christian will be in the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view match for the WWE world heavyweight championship belt on Feb. 23, at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Joining Cesaro and Christian in the Elimination Chamber will be Randy Orton, Sheamus, John Cena, and Daniel Bryan.

The Elimination Chamber match is a six-participant match, with two participants beginning the bout in the ring, while the remaining four are held within inner enclosures of the steel chamber.

The remaining four contestants are released into the match at five minute intervals.

To win, the wrestlers must eliminate each opponent from the match via pinfall or submission.

The winner is the last remaining participant after all others have been eliminated.

Sheamus, John Cena, and Daniel Bryan worked their way into this year's WWE "Elimination Chamber," by defeating The Shield in a six-man tag match on Monday night's episode of Monday Night Raw in Cleveland, Ohio.

Batista and Brock Lesnar were widely considered to be the favorites for the final two spots in the Elimination Chamber, but they might be saved for the Wrestlemania XXX show.

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