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Antonieta combines her two passions into a great career

Antonieta Semeão, from Portugal, has found the way to combine her love and passion for motorcycling with her other passion: event planning.

Antonieta began motorcycling a brother's motorcycle at age 13.  Here she is at 14 on that borrowed bike.
Antonieta Semeão
Antonieta combines her love of motorcycling with her gift for event planning in a career of operating a motorcycle touring company.
Antonieta Semeão

Antonieta started motorcycling at an early age. She began riding at the age of 13 on a motorcycle that her mother had purchased for her older brothers. By age 16, she had her own motorcycle (a better bike than the one ‘borrowed’ from her brothers) that she loved riding along the sea where she lived.

By age 18, Antonieta had a Suzuki 125. She enjoyed her wind therapy and the reactions of surprise when people realized it was a girl riding down the road.

Antonieta then had to face those same adult responsibilities that many of us face; working was required and a car was needed for work. Since her motorcycle was already old, she sold it.

In the meantime, those other adult responsibilities of a “normal” life appeared such as husband, work, kids, more work, holidays on the beach, work, work, and more work. Motorcycling took a back seat to her “normal” life.

When Antonieta’s daughter was old enough to ride pillion, she bought a Yamaha Virago 535. Antonieta had been 20 years without a motorcycle but it felt like she had never stopped riding!

Before long, Antonieta’s daughter, like her mother before her, longed to ride her own. At age 14, her daughter was riding a Vespa 50. Antonieta really enjoys riding alongside her daughter!

During those years of adult responsibilities and leading a “normal” life, Antonieta organized events. It was something she enjoyed and she was good at it.

Today, Antonieta has combined that event planning savvy with her passion for motorcycling into a motorcycle tour business in her home country of Portugal.

Moto Travel Portugal specializes tours that offer freedom, discovery, and adventure in some of the most beautiful landscapes in Portugal. Pre-packaged tours range in length from three days to nine days with plenty of opportunities to learn more about the people and customs of Portugal.

Antonieta has truly found her passion(s) and is eager to share motorcycling and Portugal with others.

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