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Antojitos on CityWalk at Universal features street food and full-blown dinners

Some food selections from Antojitos on CityWalk at Universal Orlando Resort.
Some food selections from Antojitos on CityWalk at Universal Orlando Resort.
Barb Nefer

Sometimes when you've spend a long day at a theme park or you're out for a night of fun at Universal Orlando Resort's CityWalk, you're in the mood to grab something quickly. At other times, you want a nice, hearty sit-down meal. No matter which you prefer, Antojitos, the new Mexican restaurant on CityWalk, has you covered.

Nestled in the old Latin Quarter building, which has been gutted and thoroughly remodeled, Antojito's is like two restaurants in one. Downstairs, there's a lively, noisy atmosphere, and the cuisine mimics the tasty street fare you'd be able to get on the go in Mexico. Sure, you can get quite a substantial meal down there, but you can also get a bunch of smaller items and share them around the table or pick up a light snack to go with a few rounds of drinks. If you have kids in tow, it's a very family friendly environment. There's even a stage where mariachis come out periodically to play a mix of traditional tunes and pop hits. You can learn more about the mariachis in this article.

Upstairs is a more formal atmosphere, although not stiff and stuffy in any way. It's the spot where you can get a full, hearty meal as you kick back and relax. I was able to try selections from both the upstairs and downstairs menus at the recent media event for the Antojitos grand opening, so here are my favorites (I purposely left out standard fare like tacos and enchiladas, although they're very good here, too):

Tableside Guacamole

Antojitos has wonderful salsa and fresh chips, and the salsa has just enough of a bite to let you know it's there without being overwhelming. However, I'll admit I'm a sucker for table side guacamole, and it didn't disappoint. You can see it in the photos accompanying this article, but basically the chef prepares it right at your table with an array of fresh ingredients. He'll make it as hot or mild as you like.

Esquites Asados

This wonderful roasted corn appetizer has jalapeno mayonnaise, queso fresco, and ancho chile. I've never had anything quite like it before, and I deem it a keeper.

Carne Asada Brava

This is the big winner. Almost everyone loves steak, so that right there is enough to make it popular since it's a good cut of rib eye prepared just right and served up with fire-roasted vegetables. However, the touch that makes it superior is the dry-aged coffee crust. Add a dollop of coffee butter on top and you have a meal that will keep you coming back.

It was hard to pick only three items to highlight out of two full menus, so I recommend coming to see things for yourself. Remember, the photos in the slideshow don't do justice to the food or the presentation.

If you'd like to see what the restaurant itself looks like, go to this article. To see the fun, free souvenir you'll get when you dine there, go to this article. For a peek at the drinks and desserts, go here.

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