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Antler Dust, a double murder mystery set in Colorado

Mark Stevens &  Lauri Ver Schure
Mark Stevens & Lauri Ver Schure

Local Denver author, Mark Stevens, begins Antler Dust with a bang--then one more. These rifle shots cut though swirling snow, and Colorado hunting guide Allison Coil hears and sees just enough to know that something is wrong, very wrong.

Antler Dust by Mark Stevens
Paandaa Entertainment

Two men go missing.

Stevens said, “I had no idea when I set out on a day-long horseback ride in The Flat Tops Wilderness that I would end the day with a terrific basis for a new character--and the setting to go with it. Antler Dust is a thriller set in western Colorado. The main character is based on a woman I met years ago, a female hunting guide. Antler Dust involves animal rights protesters and issues involving hunting. It’s mostly written for entertainment, but I think it gets at some issues too, without taking sides. If you read it, I don’t think you’ll feel like you’re being lectured. That approach wouldn’t interest me.”

Antler Dust, published by Paandaa Entertainment, reached #2 on the local list of best-sellers in the Rocky Mountain News and #4 on the The Denver Post’s local list of best-seller.

Stevens has been writing since 1983. He added, “I have three other finished manuscripts—and had good agents for each of them, including John Grisham’s agent at one point—but didn’t get published until 2007. I just finished the sequel, tentatively titled Buried By The Roan. And, while I’m doing some touch-up and rewrites, I’ve also started work on a third book in the Allison Coil series.”

His advice for new authors? “First, keep writing. Second, treat it like you would a profession, like your income depended on it. Get feedback, listen to feedback, evaluate feedback. Know that you are in charge of every word you select, every character nuance, every plot point. You can do it.”

Fans or those interested in purchasing the book should visit Stevens’ website:

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  • Michael Madigan 5 years ago

    Mark, glad to see Antler Dust getting some more exposure. I'm looking forward to your "Roan" sequel. Also, great photo of you and Laurie with the giant book cover.

    Ed, keep up the great job of shining some light on local Colorado authors. You've got a nice cross-section of genres.

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