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No, it only seems it takes that long sometimes.
No, it only seems it takes that long sometimes.

A little bit of devotional this morning. . .

McAfee, Norton, Sophos, AVG, and Symantec are all recognized names in the world of computer antivirus software. The fact that you are reading this is a testimony to their effectiveness. No matter how advanced, no matter how potent the software may be, without one key element, they are only as effective as hanging a “keep out, virus” sign on your monitor; but more on that later.

How do viruses enter your computer? Sure you may actually search for a virus to download into your pc, and I am sure some do; for kicks, research, or to be destructive. But, in nearly all cases, they enter through something that we want to have or see. An email from a friend, an advertisement for a product at a really good price, or a photo or story about something that is unbelievable. We click “Open” and boom . . . it’s there. The effects can be mild or severe, readily apparent or buried deeply undercover, and may be easy to fix or require the services of a trained technician.

For a Christian, viruses come in the form of attitudes, views, or enticing arguments that enter our minds the same way. We hear or see something that intrigues us, and boom . . . it’s there in our minds and maybe even our hearts. Our faith should serve as our antivirus program, keeping or operating system free and dedicated to the Lord. But most of us are missing the one element that will cripple any antivirus program, updates.

Computer viruses all work the same, they just put on different disguises, use different ways to get in, or exploit different weaknesses in the computer. The updates keep your antivirus program working at peak efficiency to sniff out threats and eliminate them and in some cases to eliminate the ones that may have gotten in previously.

For the Christian, the ‘update’ is 3 pronged; prayer, study, and fellowship. Prayer and Study are the ‘updates’ part of the process; we bring him fresh illumination, and we send out requests and confirmation of what we’ve received. It helps us to recognize the new or unseen disguises that sin may use to get in, or may be using to remain within us. Fellowship is the ‘reboot’. It allows what we received to be used in our daily lives. It also shows us when and where ‘updates’ are needed.

Some believers only practice one or two of these. They may only pray, but not study or fellowship; they may request, but not receive or use what they do receive, or they may fellowship but not study or pray. This puts them at a great risk for being ‘infected’ by sin. In the Word of God, trinity is a common theme; things are presented in 3’s. We are mind/soul/body, there is husband/wife/child; we need to keep that in mind and think of prayer, study, and fellowship as 3 legs on a stool or table; take 1 or2 away and it will fall.

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