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Antique..what it is and what it's worth; Classic Rolex watches

Classic Rolex Oyster watch
Classic Rolex Oyster watch

CHARLOTTE, NC- Remember the 80’s and 90’s when Rolex, a once proud brand name, stood for gaudy metal bands, oversized faces, lots of “gold” and a “greed is good” mentality?

In these times of greater restraint and introspection around Charlotte there is a focus on beauty, timelessness and the classics. That may be one reason why the purchase of these antique Rolexes is making a comeback.

In this edition of what it is and what it’s worth, we have a classic Rolex watch. This particular model was likely made in the 60’s, is the “Oyster” model, and has the “roulette” date function.

As with most antique Rolexes, the band has been replaced with a current leather edition.

Available at La Jolla Jewelry in West Hollywood, CA this example is priced at $1,995.00. It is also available to be purchased through Ebay.

This price seems consistent with the market for these classic watches, especially one that has been cleaned and checked by a reputable jeweler. With this color and features, we consider this an average desirability for antique Rolex’s.

............and for those deep thinkers out there:

“What if there was no hypothetical questions?”

-George Carlin

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