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Anticosti Island: Quebec opens pristine wilderness to oil exploration

Anticosti Island: Quebec opens pristine wilderness to oil exploration.
Anticosti Island: Quebec opens pristine wilderness to oil exploration.
CC: Wikimedia commons

Anticosti Island opened up for oil exploration. A pristine wilderness area in Quebec, Canada is the site of a $115 million oil extraction project. According to CTV Montreal on Feb. 14, Premier Pauline Marois believes that the project could bring in as much as $45 billion in the next 30 years.

She described the project as a step towards oil independence and a much-needed measure to help balance the province's budget deficit, which she said is largely the result of the importation of oil.

Anticosti Island project will be fifty percent controlled by the Quebec government. They will also take the lion’s share of the profits from planned oil wells on the island. Exploration of the island is expected to beginning in the summer.

The plan for oil extraction on Anticosti Island will be by using the controversial process known as fracking. In addition to disturbing this wild area, environmentalists also take issue with the questionable process.

The Quebec government is tying oil independence to the possible sovereignty of the province. The actual amount of oil that can be produced is currently unknown. Quebec as a sovereign nation has not been a priority for its residents since the 1970s.

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