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Anticlimactic climate

Paul Taylor

Global climate crusaders have been chilled by recent U.N. climate assessments, government cost concerns, and actual climate behavior. The decades-long growing crescendo of cries for greenhouse gas controls have been hushed by new science, new energy sources and the exorbitant costs of renewable energy mandates.

The U.N.’s October “5th Climate Assessment Report," while holding out hope of warmer weather and more government subsidies, could only conclude that global warming has stalled, and that heretofore-valid climate computer models cannot accurately predict future temperature changes.

Myopic government subsidies and mandates for “renewables” – from Australia to the U.K. – have brought the prospects of “energy poverty” into sharp focus. The cost accumulation of years of ambitious climate control plans will now be rolled back in an era of stubborn economic growth. Climate control investments to substitute wind and solar for conventional fossil fuels have failed both the economic and environmental criteria for sustainability. The recent conservative political re-alignment at the top of Australia’s government was due directly to the consumer energy cost escalations of progressive climate controls. Take heed Pres. Obama, Sen. Reid, Cong. Pelosi and EPA Admin. McCarthy.

And finally, global climates have not rewarded the partisan warmist dreams of the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or Al Gore, or the thousands of militant eco-group campaigners and eco-propagandists. No significant global warming has occurred since 1998.

While suffering years of petulant, often libelous and radical progressive pleas for stricter government climate controls, patriotic climate skeptics have saved Americans critical time and billions of dollars that would have otherwise been spent in enacting and enforcing unsustainable climate legislation.

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