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Antibacterial Soap - Should You Leave Your Home Without It?

Bronner's Soap - no triclosan here!
Bronner's Soap - no triclosan here!

It has been said that cleanliness is next to Godliness. If that is true, then antibacterial soap must be divine, right? Not so fast.

Read this:

Holy cow. This story was a bit of a shock to me. I'd recently become aware that anti-bacterial soap was perhaps being frowned on by health conscious individuals. I had no idea that it was reaching the point that it could be banned by a government authority.

The companies making the soap are complaining that a state should not have the right to ban a product such as this, but that power should be reserved by the federal government. I can see why companies would be concerned. They spend a lot of money influencing a few people in power in regulatory agencies in Washington. If they had to sweet talk (and beyond) officials in every state in the nation, they'd have a real headache on their hands.

I salute the governor of Minnesota. I hope the people there appreciate that he's looking out for their concerns. It will be interesting to see how soap is marketed in Minnesota. Will new products be developed that don't have the offending chemical triclosan? Or will the soap companies abandon triclosan with the possibility that more states may ban its sale? Maybe you can help influence their decision by not buying any of the products that contain it—wherever you live. And it's not just soap that contains it, so be vigilant.

For you people who like to do the research (and I salute you too), here are a couple of articles on the topic:

Here's an article by highly regarded doctor, Joseph Mercola:

Here's one from the Mayo clinic, which ironically is located in Rochester, Minnesota.

That title "antibacterial soap" always intrigued me a bit. Wasn't all soap antibacterial? Turns out that this soap is no more effective than other soaps and has the potential of causing harm. Seems like a no brainer to find an alternative. When my last drip of anti-bacterial soap was squeezed out of the bottle, my wife made me some natural soap which I'm enjoying tremendously. The ingredients are Tea Tree oil, Bronner's Peppermint soap, and water. For more info about Bronner's soaps, check out The picture attached to this article is Bronner's Tea Tree soap.

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