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Anti-violence activist’s ‘gun death’ shows cynical ‘progressive’ exploitation

The feral ignorance nurtured and enabled by “progressive” politicians was (again) demonstrated by two inept young thugs, as incompetent at home invasions as they were at life, a Friday report in The Wall Street Journal on Illinois Governor Pat Quinn’s defunct Neighborhood Recovery Initiative highlighted.

The Mighty Quinn & friends prove every day for "progressives" is Opposite Day as they unleash home invaders under the "anti-violence" banner.
GovernorQuinn (YouTube video screen capture)

“Two summers ago a home invasion by gang members on the city's South Side went wrong when one of the robbers shot another one in the back of the head, according to Chicago police,” the report explains. “Sixteen-year-old Douglas Bufford was killed, and 19-year-old Jermalle Brown was charged with first-degree murder. His trial begins on Aug. 15, and it may attract more attention than usual in a city plagued by violent crime, just as his arrest did. Why? Because at the time of the shooting, Douglas Bufford and Jermalle Brown were also on the Illinois state payroll, earning $8.50 an hour to hand out antiviolence pamphlets.”

Interesting choice of words, “went wrong.” Would “going right” have resulted in the death of the homeowner?

Still, the entire sorry incident brings to light the cynical wealth-transferring and power-amassing scam that is exemplified by anti-gun politicians in their insatiable quest to manipulate useful idiots while undermining rights. Left unsaid is whether Douglas and Jemalle cased the house while out canvassing “the community.”

It also shows that throwing $50 million at the issue does nothing but buy votes and ensure an unending train of exploitable incidents (albeit at least in Michael Bloomberg’s case, he’s bankrolling things himself instead of using tax plunder -- for the most part.)

“It’s very, very important that all of us band together with all of our...uh..with every fiber of our being to make sure that we stand against violence, in neighborhoods, and find positive ways for people, especially our young people, to contribute to society and lead productive and safe lives,” Quinn pandered shamelessly.

“I can tell you that as a former Chicago public high school counselor, and as the chief sponsor of the Second Chance Act, that brings millions of dollars to communities all over the United States of America for this kind of effort, that this program will work,” Rep. Danny K. Davis assured everyone authoritatively, just like he actually knows what he’s talking about.

And Barbara Shaw, Director of the Illinois Violence Prevention Authority ...? She prattled on about government programs for bureaucrats to help parents learn their responsibilities, bolting the barn after the horse has escaped, so to speak, and “reentry” programs for ... well, for specifics, perhaps we should look at the results of Barbara being subpoenaed. Then again, the Justice Department, with its famous ties to the Chicago/Illinois political machine, says it wants 90 days to cover ... uh, stonewa..., uh, “conduct a criminal investigation into the botched $54.5 million program.”

As an aside, how come these guys always say “botched”?

And why would the administration be interested in delaying the state assembly’s efforts? Perhaps because, as ABC 7 reported, an investigative subcommittee wants to find out “whether the effort was simply mismanaged or a veiled political effort by the governor in 2010 to help his campaign”...?

"We have tens of millions of dollars that have been spent- taxpayer dollars- on what is nothing more than a political slush fund of Gov. Quinn," Republican State Sen. Jason Barickman charged.

Criminal corruption by an anti-gun Illinois governor? Unheard of! Even among RINOs.

“For months Republicans have hammered Gov. Quinn about the project, saying that when he was running for election in 2010, taxpayer money was used to cultivate votes in largely Democratic, high-crime Chicago neighborhoods,” ABC 7 elaborated.

Isn’t that just like Balkanizers, teabaggers and bitter clingers? Worried about protecting those not paying their “fair share” instead of joining in the blood dance over another “senseless child gun death”...?

Now what can we think up to push for more infringements and distract from the corruption? Whatever we come up with, “Bufford’s Law” has kind of a nice ring to it, don’t you think?


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