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Anti-Valentine's Day? Shred Your Ex in Novi!


Valentine’s Day is almost here. Awesome. Happy Valentine’s Day to those who can, together, share a day of love. The rest of us dodge that red fluffy aisle at CVS, Walgreens, Macy’s, Hallmark, or whatever store we are in. For a lot of singles, Valentine’s Day is a day to loath. For others, we don’t care, but mostly we wish we had someone to share it with, because let’s be honest, if we did have a special someone, we would celebrate. If we’re newly single we might think of our exes just a little bit more, and feel more lonely than usual. I tend to cope with the Valentine’s Day curse by not thinking of it as a holiday, rather a consumerist hallmark holiday conjured up by companies to make money off customers. I don’t really feel that way, although a lot of those stuffed animals and singing donkeys are obnoxious and out of control. While everyone else is out celebrating their love, lots of singletons usually sit in or unite in self loathing pity parties. Well, pity party no more!

There is a perfect Anti-Valentine’s Day party to attend this year. Keep your calendar open on February 11th for the Shred Your Ex Anti Valentine’s Party! Shred Your Ex is hosted by the Social Connection and will be held at The Dirty Martini in Novi. Dig through your old pictures and find one of you and your ex to accompany you to the Shred Your Ex Party. If you bring your photo to shred, you’ll get a complimentary Zodiac Cocktail! There is only one free drink per person so resist the urge to bring your entire scrap book of your ex. Enjoy $5 Flirtinis all night long (YUM!) to help you to flirt with the other anti-valentinites. If you get there early, between 8:00pm and 9:30pm complimentary appetizers and Sanders chocolates are offered. To top it off, the Killer Flamingos will rock the stage at 10pm. This sounds like an excellent party to me, and it only costs $10 if you pre-register through the Social Connection or only $15 at the door. They suggest you pre-register because the capacity is limited. Why not, you’ll save $5…that’s a Flirtini!



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