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Anti-SeaWorld ad put up at San Diego Airport

Sea World
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

A new anti-SeaWorld ad has been put up at the San Diego Airport. On Thursday, News Max shared the news about this new poster that is now up for everyone to see. There was actually a big lawsuit for them to even be allowed to post it but now it is up and not everyone is happy to see it.

This ad has a picture of Kathy Najimy along with a bit quote on it that says exactly how she feels about the vacation spot. She said, "If you love animals like I do, please avoid SeaWorld." This actress is not staying quiet anymore and now everyone that goes through this huge airport can see it.

It has been allowed to run for one month only. After that it will be taken down or they will have to figure out to get permission for it to stay up longer. SeaWorld responded saying, "PETA is an extremist organization and this ad demonstrates that, once again, they are more interested in publicity stunts than helping animals. The truth is that our animals at SeaWorld are healthy and happy. We are dedicated to their well-being. There is no organization more passionately committed to the physical, mental and social care and well-being of animals than SeaWorld, and the real advocates for animals are our trainers, aviculturists, animal-care staff and veterinarians."

SeaWorld has always made it seem like they do nothing wrong. Ever since the documentary "Blackfish aired" they are losing businesses and a lot of stars are speaking out about their thoughts on the matter.

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