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Anti-police extremists encourage ideologies to kill U.S. cops

"There is no mandatory process on the way your group has to take shape," states Cop Block
"There is no mandatory process on the way your group has to take shape," states Cop Block
Cop Block facebook page

A police insurgence appears to be on the rise in the U.S. Recently an officer was slain on purpose in Jersey City after officers had been dispatched to an armed robbery scene, according to ABC News. But when police arrived, the assailant told witnesses to watch as he executed a policeman on purpose, because it “would make him famous.” Apparently radical cop killings have been increasingly highlighted as a good thing through online sites that evoke ideologies that police have too much power and should be taken down. Recently two officers became targets, and died, while stopping for a bite to eat; the horrible incident was praised through an online site.

Two Las Vegas patrol officers, Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo, had been taking a break to grab some pizza when they were attacked by a man and wife carrying guns. But this tragedy also garnered much praise from a growing number of people who like the Facebook page, and the cop killers, Jerad Miller and wife Amanda, were also followers of Cop Block's online community, which has more than 770,000 followers. The Vegas police killings were praised on their Facebook page, “The good news is, there are two less police in the world,” which had at least 6,300 likes before the administrators removed it, according to Yahoo. Jerad also made a comment in May, “bout time to start killing cops, eh?”

With so many groups promoting the idea to kill cops the number of police killings in 2014 is on the rise, whereas last year held a record low for the number of cops killed by gunfire.

According to Officer Down Memorial Page, the number of officer killings so far this year total 62, and of those deaths approximately 42 percent died from gunfire. Perhaps some of these deaths are being fueled by the growing online communities aligned with anti-cops, and anti-government. Just 10 hours ago one posting on Cop Blocks Facebook page had a comment, “the only good cop is 1 found 6 feet under,” said Kevin McCormick. Are these anti-cops and anti-government groups becoming too extreme?

The number of hate groups appear to be growing by an estimated 56 percent since 2000, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. With the anti-cop groups growing online, they appear to support each other with police hate groups growing in cities around the country. Is it possible that police violence touted online is a contributing factor to the rise of officers becoming a target?