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Anti-mining policies hurt Minnesota's Iron Range families

If anyone needs proof that the DFL's anti-mining policies have hurt Iron Range families, the U.S. Census information provides that proof. According to the U.S. Census information, the median household income for Minnesota is $59,126. St. Louis County, by comparison, has a median household income of $46,231, a difference of $12,895.

While that's a stunning difference, it pales in comparison to the median household income for Duluth is $41,311, a gap of $17,815. That, though, is compared with the median household income for Virginia, Hibbing and Eveleth, the heart of the Iron Range. Hibbing's median household income is $37,500 while Virginia's median household income is $36,397, with Eveleth's median household income bringing up the rear at $35,500.

Eveleth's median household income is $23,626 less than the statewide average. Virginia's median household income is $22,729 less than the statewide average. Hibbing is 'only' $21,626 short of the statewide average.

The Iron Range is the place where the DFL's environmental agenda is most visible. That's where the DFL's reliance on special interest campaign contributions show through the most.

In fact, the Iron Range is where the environmental activists' dishonesty is most on display. The Ely Echo caught environmental activist Becky Rom in a lie recently:

So we called Rom and asked her if she or any of the groups she is affiliated with formally requested a PEIS from the Forest Service. As a former attorney, Rom is skilled at not answering questions. So we pressed and pressed some more.
Here’s the best of answers we could get:

  • “I’ve encouraged the agencies to do what’s required under the law and using the best science.”
  • “Nobody is pushing for an extra layer or extra delays or costs or more money. I’m just saying this is really important and doing right is following the law and basing decisions on the best science.”
  • “I did not pen any letter but I’ve had these discussions.”
  • “As far as I know there’s no formal process for a request like a petition.”

We specifically asked if Rom had approached U.S. Department of Agriculture Under Secretary Robert Bonnie (who oversees the USFS).

“I never talked about this to Mr. Bonnie.”

We put a phone call into the USFS office in Duluth but weren’t able to get any answers prior to deadline on the Thursday prior to Memorial Day weekend.

We checked the news releases of the various groups who have been accused of asking for the PEIS and found nothing. Nobody wants to claim they asked for this.

Then, late Thursday a Freedom of Information Act request by Twin Metals-Minnesota was granted. Upon request, they shared those documents with us. If anyone would like a copy, just send us an email.

In the documents provided by the Bureau of Land Management was a letter asking for the PEIS. The agency requesting the PEIS? Northeastern Minnesotans for Wilderness. And who is the vice-chair of NEMW? Becky Rom.

We also have copies of emails sent by Rom outlining a meeting with the BLM where the agenda included: “The BLM, together with the Forest Service, should undertake a programmatic environmental impact statement.”

That's how Becky Rom was caught lying.

What this means is that many of the DFL's environmental policies are likely guided by environmental agencies' dishonesty. Consequently, Iron Range families are hurting because Twin Cities 'metrocrats' have lied about mining.

That's immoral and disgusting.

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