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Anti-Israel protests in Europe turn violent, anti-Semitic

Israeli soldier patrols neat Iron Dome missile site
Israeli soldier patrols neat Iron Dome missile site
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

One of the uglier side effects of the current Israel/Hamas war has been the rise of anti-Semitic rioting in both France and Germany. The spectacle provides a chilling reminder of Europe’s past that has included the Holocaust and various other examples of persecution against European Jews. There is also a chilling hint of Europe’s possible future as it becomes the home of more and more unassimilated immigrant populations from Muslim countries.

Hot Air noted on Monday that there have been a couple of days of rioting in which anti-Semitic mobs attacked Jewish synagogues in Paris. The mobs chanted “slaughter the Jews!” and “death to the Jews!” A street brawl broke out in front of one synagogue when Jewish men defended their place of worship while French police waited for reinforcements. Three people were sent to the hospital.

Meanwhile, the Jerusalem Post reported rioting in Frankfurt, Germany during which anti-Israel protestors attacked police, injuring eight. One sign stated, “You Jews are Beasts!” Incredibly the protestors were allowed the use of a police megaphone to scream anti-Semitic slogans. It was explained that this was a move to try to calm the situation.

A strange alliance has arisen in Europe between Islamists and neo Nazi extremists against the State of Israel in particular and European Jews in general. The German protests were joined by left wing extremist students. Thus they seem to have found an enemy in common to attack.

Opponents of the State of Israel have often attempted to distinguish opposition to Israel from hatred of Jews. The recent protests in Europe would seem to cast some doubt on that particular spin. Support for the Palestinian cause seems to have become a convenient mask to disguise the reappearance of an old problem in Europe, one which has caused discrimination, ghettos, and ultimately death camps. As a result, in a kind of bitter irony, a growing exodus of Jews is occurring from Europe to Israel which, after all, has its own army to defend them, despite the constant threat of terrorism.