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Anti-gunners accuse pro-gunners of using fake letters from police

Connecticut wishes to punish gunowners for crimnals who use guns illegally.
Connecticut wishes to punish gunowners for crimnals who use guns illegally.
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Over the past few days anti-gunners in Connecticut and other areas have accused gun rights advocates of using fake letters from the Connecticut state police to scare citizens into falsely thinking that gun confiscation is underway in the state.

These accusations have been received by this reporter, and by others who are passing along factual information out of Connecticut, such as Bob Owens and Mike Vanderboegh.

Owens responded to the false accusations on Sunday in a post at his blog "Bearing Arms" -- "Yes, Connecticut's 'Turn in Your Assault Weapon' Letter is Real."

Owens reported that some within the anti-gun community have charged that this official letter from the Connecticut State Police is fake, to which he responded by reporting that The Day, New London, Conn.'s newspaper, confirmed that the letter is real.

According to The Day,

The letters are not a warning but rather a notification that their application was rejected, according to state police spokesman Lt. J. Paul Vance.

"It just gives them their options," he said. "Right now we're just trying to help everyone abide by the law. There's nothing more than that."

The letter offers options on what to do: Render the weapon or magazine permanently inoperable, sell it to a licensed gun dealer, remove it from the state or make arrangements to hand it over to local or state police.

The letters, signed by Lt. Eric Cooke, commander of the special licensing and firearms unit, are being sent out even as the task of sifting through the thousands of applications and declarations continues.

The "options" provided to citizens in the letter all boil down to one thing. Dozens of classifications of guns are now illegal to possess unless they are rendered permanently useless by the owners, or stored in another state. A gun owner may also sell the firearm to a licensed gun dealer, or make arrangements to hand it over to law enforcement -- which boils down to pure confiscation.

Law enforcement in Connecticut has deftly avoided saying what they will do if they discover a citizen(s) has refused to take any of the options listed above.

In recent days state law enforcement officials appear to have toned down the rhetoric. In the days leading up to the new law and the days immediately afterward, anti-gun forces, including some in law enforcement and state government, took a hard line toward citizens who may decide to engage in civil disobedience.

Perhaps the fact that given the statistics that show the overwhelming majority of gun owners in the state have refused to register the newly deemed "illegal" weapons and magazines, the powers that be in the legislature, the governor's mansion, and state law enforcement have given second thought to engaging in a course of action that could provoke a major confrontation of potentially deadly proportions in Connecticut.

Added to this is the additional pressure represented by citizens outside the state who have engaged in smuggling the forbidden weapons and magazines into Connecticut. Thus, citizens are better prepared for the possibility that armed conflict could occur.

And make no mistake, that possibility still exists. The guns remain illegal, a fact that is clearly unacceptable to the vast majority of gun owners in the state. Until these unconstitutional laws are revoked, we can expect tensions to remain high between the citizens and the politicians who are responsible for shoving unconstitutional laws down the citizens' throats.


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